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Session Brief: What’s your value proposition? How do you add value to consumers’ lives? Value Proposition Design is the new hit framework for innovating products and services that people actually want because they are useful in helping them achieve what they want to achieve. There’s no theory in Value Proposition Design, its pureRead More →

Session Brief: Success of any Start-up is highly dependent on its Product strategy & how they execute it. B-Nest is organizing an interactive session with Mr. Parth Tiwari, Technical Program Manager from Facebook who would shed light upon the strategy start-ups should adopt for its product & the tools &Read More →

Session Brief: In the current scenario where more & more start-ups are actively building up their enterprise around their applications & websites, a lapse in cyber security protocol could pose a great threat that will hamper the operations of the start-ups. Threats of cyber security cannot be overlooked if theRead More →

Arguably Strategy remains the highly (ab)used word in business language today. Therefore some term it unnecessary and focus on execution. Others still talk about strategy as the guarantee of success only if you get it right. What is it? Is it relevant to highly uncertain and often resource constrained environmentRead More →

Session Brief: An idea is a seed that needs a strong & competent leader to nurture it. Dr. Ankush Sharma will be taking this session on leadership lessons for start-ups & budding entrepreneurs to impart his experience on what role does effective leadership play in the success of a venture.Read More →

CA Nandan Narula will look to impart his experience as a seasoned professional to the start-ups in order to ramp up their basic understanding of Financials, Accounting & Taxation norms for Start-ups in India. This session will focus upon the key issues related to funding, financial jargons, basics of lawRead More →

It’s a known fact that Google dominates the search engine market. But did you know, it uses 200 signals to determine a page’s position in its Search Results? The key question then is, do you need to rank for every single factor? Not quite. There are universally known best practices,Read More →