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Bhopal Smart City Hackathon 2.0

About Hackathon:

Come up with technology solutions to make our cities smarter, and participate in our 48-hour hackathon that will be held in Bhopal, one of the first few smart cities in India. This hackathon is being organised by the Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited, a company incorporated by the Government of MP with a sole objective of planning and implementing the “Smart city project” in Bhopal has come up with an Incubation Center - B-Nest Foundation, that provides a platform to support and promote start-ups so that their ideas, prototypes, and research can be further developed and scaled up. B-Nest Foundation is a vibrant state of the art facility with all the modern amenities such as 24x7 co-working space, high-speed internet, cloud credits, prototyping lab, and an entire ecosystem of partners, mentors, investors, and subject matter experts.Your hack, if selected, will be incubated in this center for a minimum period of 6 months after the hackathon.

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Important Instructions

  1. Click on Register Now!
  2. Fill out all the fields in the registration form.
  3. Teams will be shortlisted based on their entries and idea synopsis submitted in the registration form and will be invited to an offline event that will happen in Bhopal. You will have to build your hack there.
  4. No travel or accommodation reimbursements will be given for this hackathon.
  5. If a non-shortlisted team submits a project, it will not be evaluated

Objectives of the Incubation Programme

  • To identify & support potential cutting edge information technology entrepreneurs with a viable business plan
  • To provide technical assistance in the development of processes, technologies and products along with managed work space
  • To connect researchers and entrepreneurs to commercialize innovations
  • To increase economic and social growth of the region as well as the country



The IoT revolution will also have a great impact in the healthcare industry. Use technology to create smart healthcare solutions for people residing in urban centres. A unified healthcare system, with collecting and sharing of data along with analysis and research practices, is what will determine the future of urban healthcare.

A city cannot be truly smart without smart water infrastructure. Develop technology solutions for more efficient plant operations, optimization of pumping, asset management, power usage optimization, leak detection, detection of contaminants, and consumer access to individual usage.

Sustainable food production is an urgent task, considering climate change and pressure on natural resources. How can technology contribute to food production in an urban environment?

How can you improve mobility and decrease traffic congestion in today's cities?

Come up with innovative ways to make urban waste management more automated and efficient.

Energy is going to be one of the biggest game-changing industries in the near future. Redefine urban energy by creating solutions that provide cleaner and leaner energy in tomorrow's cities.

Industrial IoT
Industrial Internet of Things is a rapidly progressing sector accounting for the maximum share in the global IoT spending. Your solution should enable digital factory automation, connected facility management, more efficient monitoring of production flow and inventory, and an overall boost to tomorrow's industrial quality and optimisation.

Citizen Services
With mass urbanization, people face an ever-increasing demand for better services and quality of life. Create solutions to offer citizens the on-demand, multi-channel access to public information and services they expect.

City Surveillance
When we think of smart cities, we forget the importance of smart surveillance. Come up with a robust infrastructure to ensure 24/7 safety and security of civilians.

Connect the overlay between smart cities and the financial world by innovating the Fintech industry.


Main Prizes

Incubation by B-NEST Foundation

Selected projects will be incubated by B-NEST Foundation and will get a managed office space, business modelling advice, financial advice services, advertising and marketing services, and other training.

1st Prize
INR 1,25,000

Gift vouchers worth INR 1,25,000.

2nd Prize
INR 75,000

Gift vouchers worth INR 75,000

3rd Prize
INR 50,000

Gift vouchers worth INR 50,000.