Challenge for Start-ups, Young Developers for Development of App based Informationfor Remotely Piloted Nano and Micro Aircraft “Drone”,

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Drones are a technological platform which has a wide range of applications encompassing photography, agriculture, infrastructure asset maintenance, insurance etc. Drones are commonly visible in the sky and henceoncorresponding rules and guidelines were issuedby Director General of Civil Aviation on August 27, 2018to permit the operation of “Nano” & “Micro” drone flying ata height between 15m to 60m in a specific zone.(Please refer to Para 7.2 of the DGCA rules)

In view of Protection of Privacy of Citizen and Support to District Administration &law enforcement agencies, Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd.seeks to develop an App based Information for Remotely Piloted Nano and Micro Aircraft “Drone”. The objective of this app based information system is to get the prior information of intended flying of   the Nano & Micro drones in the vicinity, support the District Administration of Bhopal and notify the Law Enforcement Agenciesabout the type of drone, its flying time, height, location and purpose.

Young Developers and Start-ups are invited to take part in the challenge for Development of App based Informationfor Remotely Piloted Nano and Micro Aircraft “Drone”. The winner whose app is selected by expert committee will be awarded a cash prize of INR 50,000 and the other top three developers will be awarded cash prize of INR 20,000 each.

Interested innovators may submit their entries (Application form, Concept Note, Process map and App Link) to Post first level of review, the eligible innovators will be invited for a presentation cum demo. The expert committee will finally select the best app for the award. The decision of the committee will be final and binding to all.

For any further questions or queries, email us on and call on 0755-2477707.

10 Feb to 22 Feb for Submission

Happy Innovations!

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